blue light blocking glasses

Jan 23 , 2020


blue light blocking glasses

Nowadays, work, study and entertainment are inseparable from various electronic devices all the time! Eyes are often dry, sour and painful because of blue light. Also heard that anti-blue ray glasses can protect the eyes, so as a layman you just buy an anti-blue ray glasses to wear, but it seems not much improvement, think of anti-blue ray glasses is a fake, how to identify? Fruitless? Don't worry, glasses net small to help you out.

Are you in the same predicament as my friend? Blue light glasses bought and changed, changed and bought again, still can not achieve the protective glasses due to the effect. Here, small make up to teach you a few tricks, let you in the mixed market in the sand gold.

I. ordinary lenses and anti-blue light lenses

Ordinary lenses and anti - blue lenses for the same yellow-green film, can be placed in the light of the place to distinguish. Ordinary lenses feel a little yellow in the reflection of light, while the anti-blue lens film color has blue in the yellow and green film, this is the cause of blue light reflection out.

The biggest difference between ordinary lens and anti-blue light lens is the coating layer, if you carefully observe, you can see that the anti-blue light lens layer is very clear.

Two, with the mobile phone discrimination

Put the anti-blue ray glasses on the fully open mobile phone screen, and then observe whether the covered area is blue, if there is, it means that the anti-blue ray effect is good, because the blue ray emitted by the mobile phone is reflected on the mobile phone screen by the lens. These experiments, simple, effective and intuitive, are a good way to do this.

Shine a flashlight on the lens

Shine a flashlight on the lens and judge by the color it reflects back. If there is blue light in the area on the back of the lens, it means that most of the blue light is passing through the lens and the lens is not good at preventing blue light. If there is a large amount of blue light in front of the lens, it means that most of the blue light is reflected back by the lens.

Knowing these tips to distinguish blue light, you must not be careless when choosing blue light proof glasses. If you can't live without your phone or computer, let your blue-light glasses help.

In order to protect our eyes, internally, we can eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement nutrition, ensure enough sleep; Outside, let's buy a pair of high - quality blue - ray - proof glasses. Both go together, I believe our eyes are bright, full of power on valentine's day

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